Our Mandate

Our objectives as set out in our by-laws (Oct 2014) are:

1. to promote the creation of meaningful liaison between all Bourgeois, descendants of Jacques Bourgeois and Jeanne Trahan;
2. to promote and encourage research activities related to the Bourgeois family genealogy;
3. to encourage and support the creation of Bourgeois groups and events that support the objectives of the Association, whether on a state, provincial, regional or lineage basis;
4. to publish a periodical report or newsletter informing members on matters of interest to the Bourgeois family;
5. to promote pride in our family heritage;
6. to protect Bourgeois family heritage sites;
7. to organize and manage the “Retrouvailles Bourgeois” family reunions held in the context of the World Acadian Congress gatherings;
8. To promote and protect the interests of the Association via participation in family associations and genealogical groups.