The ABDA-ABAD Facebook Group

The ABAD has created a closed (authorized members only) Facebook group for members of the association. This Facebook group allows association members to keep up to date with association's activities, ask questions of the executive, provide input into association decision making, share genealogy information, ask genealogy questions, and exchange with other members of the association.

To be accepted into this group you must be a member in good standing of the ABAD , have a Facebook account.

To submit your request to JOIN the Facebook group, send e-mail a request to us stating that you wish to join the ABDA-ABAD Facebook group and provide us your Facebook account name, your real name and your full civic address and phone number so that we may verify your membership status and invite you into the group.

New registering members and members renewing their membership will be asked to supply this information at the time of registration.


1 - Association des Bourgeois de Descendance Acadienne / Association of Bourgeois of Acadian Descent (Members only)
2 - Histoire de Bourgeois / The Bourgeois Story
3 - The Bourgeois Connection
4 - Bourgeois Family - Descendants of Jacques Bourgeois 1600's
5 - Bushway Family