Documenting your family

The Association , in conjunction with Marc Bourgeois and the "" have set up a forum to allow members and other interested parties to discuss Bourgeois family genealogy and contribute to the Bourgeois family lineage database. If you are interested in joining the discussion see the "Discussion Forum" item menu? If you have other suggestion please contact us. Thank you.

If you want to help us by documenting your family, you can use our genealogical data gathering card to document your family or go directly the Histoire-de-Bourgeois site. We suggests that when completing the genealogical card, you document at least three generations of your family in order to help us locate your family in the overall Jacques Jacob Bourgeois family tree. Information collected will be recorded in the Histoire-de-Bourgeois database. A privileged access account will be created for any person providing their family genealogical data card and an e-mail address in order that they may view the information about their living family members.

The data related to living individuals born after 1920 will be protected by the histoire-de-bourgeois database Privacy Policy. People wanting to see this information, other than the person providing information, will need to make a request for a privileged account and show a direct family tie to the individuals in question.