Our ByLaws

As a result of its incorporation in 2013, the ABAD, reviewed and updated the Association by-laws, as required by the law.
Members were consulted in June 2014 and the Board of Directors confirmed the new by-laws on October 26, 2014.

Web version of By-Laws (October 2014)
PDF version of By-Laws (October 2014)

Bylaws Review

Following a comprehensive review of the Bylaws in January 2021 by Jeffrey Bourgeois, councilor responsible for by-laws, the Board of Directors of the Association of Acadian Descent Bourgeois (ABDA) provisionally approved the amendments to the bylaws and prepared attached the proposed new bylaws which has been submitted to Members for approval.

Web version of By-Laws (January 2021)
PDF version of By-Laws (January 2021)

Approval and confirmation of new Bylaws

The board of directors will accept comments until the end of February 2021, after which the Board will consider all comments and make appropriate changes if deemed necessary before giving final approval of the updated version of the bylaws.